Butyrate contributes to healthy poultry production

Effects of dietary butyrate supplementation on broiler chickens
Broiler kuikens

Palital colleagues Henry van den Bighelaar and Bart Boomsma are both co-author of this recently published scientific article in Archives Animal Breeding (Arch. Anim. Breed., 62, 527–536, 2019).

The study, named “Effects of dietary butyrate supplementation and crude protein level on carcass traits and meat composition of broiler chickens” of Gábor Mátis et al. was conducted at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest, Hungary.

There were 308 chickens randomized to seven groups (n=10/group) receiving adequate CP-containing (normal protein, “NP”) or LP-EAA diets, both supplemented with or without unprotected sodium butyrate, and NP diets with different forms of protected sodium butyrate. At the age of 6 weeks the carcass traits were measured, and the chemical composition of pectoral and femoral muscles was examined.

Results of the study

The results show that carcass weight and the breast meat production of broiler chickens could be effectively stimulated by applying butyrate as a feed additive. It is a proper tool to increase carcass yield and to improve meat quality of broilers, contributing to more efficient and healthy poultry meat production.

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Effects of dietary butyrate supplementation and crude protein level on carcass traits and meat composition of broiler chickens >>

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April 21st, 2022

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