Clean Growth
Clean Growth

Palital Feed Additives means clean growth, the individual animal’s growth and the growth of the livestock industry. We work with our customers to grow their business by using molecules that are proven by science. What we like to discuss is simple: what works for animals and why. Ultimately, that’s what makes animals and our industry grow.

Consumers expect that animal production will rely less and less on as antibiotic growth promoters and similar products, and should rely less on veterinary therapeutic intervention. At Palital we know how this can be done with a clear conscience, and a clean label.

All Palital feed additives are made in our own dedicated production sites, where we live; right here in Europe. Take the ‘clean growth promoter’butyrate. We manufacture our own butyrates and based on those, a variety of formulations make the Intest-Plus range. For some applications, sodium butyrate is required, in other situations the preference will be for calcium butyrate. We are the only quality base manufacturer of both types of butyrate.

Different types of butyrate formulation offer different kinds of benefits to the animal. Palital offers a full range of such formulations. We welcome our customers’ questions over which butyrate product to choose and we can accept all custom formulation challenges. This is how we keep the discussion totally clean.

Palital feed additives -with a clean label- can fit into any diet, be processed in any feed mill or premix plant. Feed additives have to be effective, in the animal, the feed chain, in the economics of livestock production. Only then can we achieve clean growth in the feed industry.


April 21st, 2022

Effectively fight against challenges with Palital’s optimal gut health promoting solutions

Withing the Palital range, various complementary product options exist to support optimal gut health. These solutions stimulate performance by balancing the microbiota, promoting gut integrity and modulating the immune system. This enables dietary nutrients and energy to be more efficiently used for growth and performance, rather than fighting disease, resulting in an economical usage of the feed by the animal.
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