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On Thursday, January 31, Henry van den Bighelaar, managing director of Palital, won the award for entrepreneur of the year Bommelerwaard; The region where Palital Feed Additives is located.

The jury report

“Every consumer wants a clean, reliable and safe piece of meat on his plate, and Palital is well on its way to conquer the world with an additive for animal feed called butyrate (Intest-Plus), which is free of antibiotics. The jury is enthusiastic about Palital’s contribution to the health of humans and animals. By using this alternative to antibiotics, they contribute to combating the risks to public health. Unique to Palital is that they control the entire process themselves at their impressive company in Velddriel, the Netherlands. At this location, apart from butyrate concepts, they also develop slow release urea.”

Video of the announcement

Watch the video on LinkedIn for a small impression of this special evening.

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April 21st, 2022

Effectively fight against challenges with Palital’s optimal gut health promoting solutions

Withing the Palital range, various complementary product options exist to support optimal gut health. These solutions stimulate performance by balancing the microbiota, promoting gut integrity and modulating the immune system. This enables dietary nutrients and energy to be more efficiently used for growth and performance, rather than fighting disease, resulting in an economical usage of the feed by the animal.
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